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Addam Hassan hitting the right notes at Fresh Egg

David Showell

One of our more recent starters, Addam Hassan is a Director of Search Strategy, and brings with him a wealth of experience in the digital sector. A keen football fan, he’s a season ticket holder at Brentford FC, although he’s also a Manchester United supporter. He grew up in Hastings and is now proud to be a resident of Hove, where he lives with girlfriend Laura and his beloved cat Daisy.

Addam likes to get down and dirty once in a while at music festivals; he’s attended the last three events at Glastonbury and in 2011 also took in Bestival. His admission that his body can’t take more than two such experiences per year is perhaps an indication that it’s trying to tell him something, but he plans to strut his stuff well into the future.

He also likes video games, and is especially keen to show off his skills at FIFA at some point. Here at Fresh Egg Towers, the serious gamers spend their lunchtimes in The Snug, an onsite room that’s dedicated to the finer arts of video game playing, so this could be the ideal place for Addam to show us he’s more Wayne Rooney than Wayne Sleep!

He has an impressive experience of web-based working, ever since he left university to work for an online adult entertainment company. He hasn’t gone into any further detail about what the job involved, but we at Fresh Egg felt it perhaps best left to the imagination. He then went on to work for several prestigious companies, so it was with great pleasure that Fresh Egg managed to persuade him to come to Worthing. There are rumours that his third place in a Tarzan competition at Butlin’s when he was five was what decided the interview, but the Board are remaining tight-lipped about that.


Addam’s Desert Island Survival Pack:

Film:    Back to the Future

Song:   Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Michael Jackson)

Book:   Vince and Joy (Lisa Jewell)


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