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Who Wants 15% Discount on emetrics and SMX Tickets?

Nikki Rae


Hi all.  We are very lucky to have been donned the title of emetrics and SMX Official Blog Partners and as such, they have given us a 15% DISCOUNT CODE to offer to our readers (thanks guys :)).  So, without further ado....drum roll please.....

FRESHEGG010 is the discount code and you can purchase for emetrics and SMX Advanced at the relevant sites.

If you need some ideas for persuading your boss to let you go, then emetrics have even provided a short document outlining some great ideas here -

The emetrics Marketing Optimization Summit is on Monday and Tuesday, 17-18 May at the Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden.  There is also a Web Analytics Wednesday run by the Web Analytics Association on the Monday evening (go figure?) from 6pm which will be a fantastic educational and networking opportunity.

The Keynote speakers include:

  1. Jim Sterne, Founder, emetrics Marketing Optimisation Summit - AKA 'Godfather of analytics!!)
  2. Ashley Friedlein, Econsultancy
  3. Michael Gulmann, Sr Director, Global Site Conversion, Expedia
  4. Geoff Watts, Founder, Stylesignal
  5. Mark Rogers, CEO, Market Sentinal
  6. Antony Mayfield, i-crossing
  7. Paul Alexander, Cheif Executive, Beyond Analysis

However, there are lots of other speakers that I know and can't wait to here e.g. Dave Chaffey from, Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz and indeed, Stephane Hamel from

Topics include, Social Media, Customer Experience Analytics, Customer Engagement, Augmented Reality, Word-of-mouth in customer acquisition and retention, SEO and non-ecommerce site selling and much more....

Also, SMX Advanced is chock full of great stuff too. However, emetrics is the one that I'll be attending.

I can't wait to go. Please let me know if you are coming by direct messaging me at @analyticsgirl.

See you soon...

Nikki Rae

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