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Addicted to Twitter?


managing director

Are you the next casualty of the online phenomenon of social media? Are you a Twitterholic?

I want to hear from you if you have been effected by social media in a negative or positive way. Let's have some comments! Have you experienced:

- Meeting the love of your life on Facebook.

- Losing your job when you threw a sickie. Your boss checked out your Twitter status and found out you were down the cinema instead!

- Using any social media to make a load of cash.

- Getting warned too many times at work to stop using IM - now your looking for a new job?

- Someone else pretending to be you.

- Growing your companies brand by conversing with your online community.

It is astonishing to imagine how much time is taken up just being online nowadays. Following Stephen Fry over the weekend made me appreciate how much time he must be dedicating to Twitter to get the amazing following he now has. Stephen is now at number 2 in the Twitterholic 'Top Followers' list, sitting just behind Obama with Jonathan Ross fast catching up!

What did we do before Facebook and Twitter? I know that I have been viewing less rubbish on TV. My spare time is now spent with catching up with my mates online, writing a blog post for work and tweeting it to my new online SEO peers on Twitter.

How has social media changed your life?

Let's hope you won't find out that your now divorced on Facebook like Emma Brady did!

Even Demi Moore admitted that she is now addicted to twitter after she had been caught complaining about her neighbours.

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