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It’s Bolivian madness – Vote for Duncan’s first challenge of 2012!

Paul Chaloner

As you may well know SEO missionary, Duncan Heath has left the comfort of his desk at, Fresh Egg, for a seven month travelling expedition, and while Duncan planned his perfect itinerary, the team at Fresh Egg has been plotting their own adventures for him having been inspired by Ricky Gervais’s hit TV show, “An Idiot Abroad.”  Each month a new selection of challenges are posted for the public to decide what Duncan does next. Its now up to you to decide what will be the first challenge of 2012!

1. The World’s most Dangerous Road:

You think your drive to work this morning was bad?  We are challenging Duncan to swap the traffic of Worthing for 70km stretch of tar hanging more than 3km up which twists and turns between the capital city of La Paz and the town of Coroico in the Yungas jungle region. If other roads seem risky, the old Yungas Road known locally as Death Road is nothing less than a suicide mission

The World's most dangerous road

2. A Visit to a Working Mine

Or how about sending Duncan to a maze of narrow passageways on a tour of a working mine?  He would  join soot-covered miners hard at work in conditions that could be straight out of the 18th century. He may never complain about being an SEO again!

3. Caiman “Hunting”

Or finally a spot of night time Caiman “hunting”? Want to send  Duncan out  in a motorised canoe to look for Caiman? Hidden in amongst the reeds along the banks of the Amazon the guides use torches to reflect the Caiman eyes to find them. They then jump off the canoe and grab the small Caiman and those brave enough may get to hold one!

Vote here for the next challenge

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