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Sharing Best Practice for Call Tracking in Google Analytics White Paper

Nikki Rae

You may have noticed that Fresh Egg has published a White Paper (How to Track offline Telephone Leads in Google Analytics™).  This White Paper represents our desire to share our experience and methodologies in developing CallTrackID™ and contribute to improving and informing industry best practice.

You can download the White Paper here and I’d welcome any comments, questions or observations you have on this blog post.

As web and internet marketers, our role has always been defined as improving our clients’ online business by optimising the relationship between the searcher and website.   That’s still true, but increasingly all web marketers  need to extend their services beyond optimisation and begin to take at least partial responsibility for the convertability of the traffic streaming to our clients’ websites.

We still need to deliver a core service by providing highly qualified searchers, but now we also need to ensure we have the data that allows us to advise on other related issues.   Internet marketing now requires us to comment on usability, information architecture, human and computer interaction, accessibility and much more to ensure that our clients present a website that can successfully aid a searcher through the site and ultimately persuade them to become a buyer.

By producing the paper, we hope to offer to the search industry an insight into our solution to the problem of tracking offline telephone calls and capturing that  data using industry -standard tools such as Google Analytics™ that collect other actions and behaviours provoked by a website.

There are bound to be  many different ways of collecting, collating and integrating this data, but  by releasing exactly how we achieved this, we hope that this service, essential not just to Fresh Egg but to all internet and search marketers,  can be shared and improved to become an even more useful and effective tool.

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to David Grace for producing the JavaScript and Andrew Heasman and Vaughan Luke for pulling the backend together and developing a tool that is going to change the way the search industry tracks and measures referral leads forever.

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