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Call Tracking with Google Analytics


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Website Call Tracking from
Website Call Tracking from

Fresh Egg is Beta testing a new application that we have created to enable call tracking from your website, and it integrates with Google Analytics.

We have spent a lot of hard work and several months developing the application and working with a telecoms provider to make this happen.

It was the brainchild of Nikki (our SEO and analytics expert) and developed by our programming guru Andrew and nifty Vaughan Luke. It was always frustrating for Nikki when she couldn't track the success of a telephone call as part of a traffic conversion report.

It is now possible to track conversions from your website for: email enquiries, ecommerce sales and NOW telephone calls!

All this data is automatically pushed into Google Analytics. You can now identity the referrer source for telephone calls from people who have seen your website!

This is a UK service only...

We are looking for approximately 5 people/companies to beta test the product.

If you would like to put yourself forward please contact me via twitter -

If you are a potential client and would like to hear more about this new product please call me or Dan Wotton on 01903 24 77 88.

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