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Candlelit Dinner with the Nicest Bloke in SEO? Dave Naylor


managing director

After just getting over the digs of an infamous table for two, candlelit dinner with Ammon that I poorly arranged one valentines night (I didn’t know it was, honestly!) I had the pleasure on Friday night of dining with Dave Naylor. I can vouch for the fact that Dave is actually the nicest bloke in SEO.

Traveling just over 5 hours from Worthing to Ripon I arrived at the offices of Bronco where I was greeted by Dave’s (just as nice) better half, Becky. We got together to talk SEO – something that runs through the veins of this man.

After a little chat in the office we got onto the more important part of a Friday night – the drinks. Dave suggested I stay at The Old Deanery, an amazing hotel and restaurant in Ripon that comprises of plenty of historic character with a modern lick, if anyone is ever in this neck of the woods I would thoroughly recommend staying and eating here. Unfortunately Becky couldn’t make it so Dave and myself had to drink all 3 bottles of red wine to ourselves ;)

I look forward to catching up again at SES where Dave Naylor is speaking in 4 conferences.

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