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Christmas comes but once a year!

The festive season is over, normality returns!

Why does the Christmas holiday seem to flash by so quickly?

I cannot believe that 2007 is upon us and that we are all back to work when the other half seems to be feeding me turkey still! So what have you been up to in the last 10 days?

As us humans enjoy the festive time of year, take a moment to think about those poor Search Engine Spiders who frantically crawl the web on a daily basis to find and report new and fresh content for the legions of users looking for products, services and information.

Did Googlebot stop for a Christmas break? Of course not, which makes it even more fascinating that many of us seem to switch off. There are those that argue the case that the holiday is a deserved time to recharge the batteries.

If i'm honest, I must agree that the break has served me well, but once the Darts Final was completed last night I found myself itching to get back! Am I mad? Of course not, but so much can change in those days off over the Christmas period that I need to see how things are shaping up.

The world of search never stops and nothing would have surprised me more to see countless updates made over the festive period when many people would have caught off-guard.

On the whole, things look good four our clients in 2007, if you would like me to make some bold predictions then I predict that current and future clients of Fresh Egg will continue to flourish and prosper in 2007.

Christmas is not a bad thing, it is a legitimate break when the majority of the working masses all get to have time off together and January always brings so much renewed optimism.

But now it is time to pack the party mood away for another year as the whip cracks as we board the roller coaster for a fun-packed ride in 2007 in the world of Search Engine Optimisation.

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