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David Showell Joins the Fresh Egg SEO Content Team

Gez Hebburn

A recent addition to Fresh Egg's SEO content team, David Showell is a versatile and creative copywriter with five years freelancing experience.

An Arsenal fan, David writes Football articles for a popular website, a regular Football betting column - and in case you still weren't sure what his specialist subject is -  his book of Football jokes for children is soon to be published by Marks & Spencer. A keen golfer and member of the local club, David also writes for Today's Golfer magazine.

David ShowellBut life's not all about balls, and David's favourite quote sums up his attitude to the game.

"He who dies with the most toys is, nonetheless, still dead."


Happily married for 28 years, with two grown up children and a thirst for travel, David likes nothing better than an afternoon in the sunshine with his Kindle and a cold drink.

Attracted to Fresh Egg by the office's great atmosphere and to satisfy  his new-found fascination with Internet Marketing, we hope David feels very much at home.

David's first post on the Fresh Egg blog



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