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Duncan Takes the Field

Allan Bisset

Say hello to our latest SEO engineer recruit – Duncan Heath.   23 year old Duncan studied Sports Science at the University of Exeter and to say that he likes sports – gym, swimming, extreme sports like surfing and snowboarding – would be the understatement of the century.  He loves them!

duncan in his moment of triumph

Co-incidentally, he’s also a big fan of James Caan, claiming our new chairman’s book was one of the best he ever read.  To be fair to young Duncan, he did say that at interview weeks before James Caan’s involvement with Fresh Egg was public knowledge – so it must be genuine!  However, he was still reckless enough to beat our MD Adam Stafford at pool recently...

Duncan began to get involved in internet marketing while he was still atuniversity, setting up his own website .  That experience convinced him of the value of SEO, hence his gravitation towards Fresh Egg.  Young Heath maintains that the only thing that puzzles him really is why his cat is so obese when he feeds it next to nothing?

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