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An Early But Plucky Bath for the Fresh Egg Boys!



Fresh Egg covered itself is something like glory last night in the Cardens Accountants Charity Football Night.  Our plucky lads at least managed the draw against iCrossing, but alas progress was determined by results from other group games so our fate wasn’t entirely in our own hands!



Held at the Portslade Sports Centre and admirably organised by Cardens Accountants, the whole event raised cash for Rocking Horse and Honey Crofts under 5’s Centre charities.  Last years’ winners were Propellernet and it could very well have been them again this time.



As I write this, I don’t know who won, because I'm ashamed to admit that we didn't hang around and all trooped off to the bar or made our way home after our ignoble exit - much like Liverpool supporters have been doing until  just recently! Anyway, as they say the real winners were the charities involved!





Such was the tsunami of enthusiasm in the Fresh Egg office for this event that we actually managed to enter two teams in the tourney: Fresh Egg and FE United captained by Andrew Heasman and Ollie Battams respectively.  This obviously bolstered the cash raised for the charities and, we thought, might double our chances of success into the bargain!



We’ll draw a veil over the spanking that FE United received in pretty much every single game,  but then they were mostly rugger boys or web design bods and not used to the frantic indoor five-a-side pace  and tempo!



On the other hand Fresh Egg , manned almost exclusively by sales, analytics and SEO lads, performed very creditably, drawing two, winning one and loosing one.  We had our novices too!



Dara Fitzgerald will obviously have to be nicknamed” the cat”!  Although he’s never played in goal before he proved to be our saviour on many occasions.  What a keeper – positional sense, shot stopping, tipping over the bar – Dara had the lot!  Your problems in that department may be solved Mr Wenger.





Ben Duncan also knows nothing about “soccer” (he’s more an Aussie Rules and cricket man really) but what he lacked in knowledge of the offside law he made up for in sheer energy up and down the pitch.  Ok, one time he charged headlong  like a steaming juggernaut into the opposition box and somehow managed to contrive a penalty – which we nobly  and insistently refused when awarded by the ref – because no-one really got even close enough to touch him!



Anyhow, we look forward to the event again next year and suspect that an amalgamation of both teams may give us a winning combination next time.



Oh, and who did win by the way?


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