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Good afternoon readers! I was just compiling a list of questions that are relevant to people who are considering building an ecommerce  store. I thought it might be of interest to show you the typical questions I would ask a client when quoting for a new web build:

1.    Do you have a preference to the programming language that will be used to develop the website?

2.    How many products are you considering to sell on the website?

3.    Do the products that you sell fit into categories? If so please indicate the amount of categories that will be required to cater for the whole product range.

4.    Do the categories also contain Sub Categories of products? Do these lead to Sub-Sub categories?

5.    Can products sit in more than one category?

6.    Do the products have different variations? For example, size, colours, weight, etc.

7.    Do you have an idea for the required sections of the website? For example:

a.    Homepage

b.    About Us

c.    Products

d.    Special Offers

e.    How To Find Us

f.    Contact Us

g.    Terms and Condition

h.    More, please specify

8.    What offers would you like to see on the website? Please indicate if any of the following are relevant:

a.    Special Offer: % Discount for selected products

b.    Buy one get one free for selected products

c.    Discount codes to allow promotional codes for % discount offer

d.    Other

9.    Is the ecommerce website going to be integrated with an existing accounting application for billing or stock management? If so, please supply details.

10.    Is content management required for maintaining the products on the website.

11.    Are you aware of the product fields that are currently required? For example:

a.    Product title

b.    Short description

c.    Long description

d.    How to use

e.    Specification

f.    Price

g.    Video

h.    Multiple images

i.    Email a friend

j.    Other

12.    Do products require related product relationships?

13.    Does the website need to include customer reviews?

14.    Does the website require a search function?

15.    Does the website need to include online chat for customer support?

16.    Is content management required for the following items:

a.    Adding new categories, sub categories

b.    Managing discounts

17.    Will you require Fresh Egg to populate the new website with the new products?

18.    Would you require the collection of email addresses for a mailing list?

19.    Do you require orders to be managed via a CSV download or XML feed?

20.    Have you considered how you want the orders to be managed? Are there any specific details you can provide?

21.    Are you utilising a 3rd party to fulfil your orders or is this being carried out in-house?

22.    Do you require an email alert to let customers know that an order has been delivered? Will an order have status levels?

23.    Do you have a preference to where the website is being hosted or would you consider using the Fresh Egg hosting facilities?

24.    Are you selling outside of the UK? If so, please state the countries that you wish to supply to.

25.    Does the website require multiple currencies?

26.    Do you need to deliver to multiple addresses other than the cardholder address?

27.    Does the website require a gift-wrapping service?

28.    Do you know the delivery calculation for the shopping cart? For example; £5 delivery for purchases under £10.

29.    Do you require a customer account feature? If yes, please indicate what features are required. Here are some suggestions:

a.    Order history

b.    Change password

c.    Change delivery address

d.    Other please state

30.    Do you require reporting in the content management system admin area? If so, please state what reports you are interested in.

31.    Does the website require different admin levels for the content management system?

32.    In addition to the content managed products do you need the additional functionality to manage and amend products via a CSV upload?

33.    Do you have a preferred Payment Service Provider? Fresh Egg recommends the use of SecPay as they conform to PCI compliance and offer a seamless shopping cart experience.

34.    Do you have an Internet Merchant Account (IMA)? What bank will be holding your IMA?

35.    Do you already own a secure certificate?

36.    Does the new website require a blog?

37.    Is this new website replacing an existing website? If so, have you considered moving over the existing search engine optimisation to the new website?

38.    If this is replacing an existing ecommerce store, do you require Fresh Egg to import any existing data from the previous website? For example, customer records.

39.    Are there any specific feeds you are currently using/require such as Amazon, Froogle, etc.?

40.    Are you concerned about search engine optimisation?

41.    What domain name are you considering to use?

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