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Eggstreme Dancing: Fresh Egg’s ‘Wear it Pink’ Follow Up Post (Or; “Let’s all laugh at Maria!”)

Kat Cole

Wear it Pink Day and the money we raised as a result for the Breast Cancer Campaign charity. I also told you that one of our SEO Copywriters Maria Holburt went to extra lengths to raise money for the cause. I can now reveal that she “volunteered” to dance to Justin Beiber’s ‘Baby’ should we raise another £50.

Well, what actually happened was that our Senior Developer Rob Taylor hacked her email account and informed the whole office that she was going to do it to her utter despair! Still, after a bit of convincing in the form of an alcoholic beverage from the Fresh Egg beer fridge and a further generous monetary donation from SEO Director Lee Colbran, she reluctantly accepted her fate.

As someone who usually prefers the sounds of Rage Against The Machine and Less Than Jake, it was an impressive feat for Maria. Don’t let that stop you from mocking her in the following video though!

You won’t even have to turn your sound off – Beiber’s crooning has been replaced with the ‘Macarena’ (OK...maybe hitting mute is a good idea!)


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