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Allan Bisset

We asked our latest Wired Sussex intern, Ella McConnell to pen (keyboard?)  a blog entry on what is the penultimate day of her internship here at Fresh Egg. Due to university starting up again and all that that entails, her final day has been shifted to a week’s time.  We’re very happy to have her continue thrashing the boys on the PS and Xbox at lunchtime for one more day at least! So how has she found it here?

Pretty good fun actually!

I think I have established my place as “anaemic-looking girl hunched over her PC, chain-drinking Capri Suns and typing sporadically” quite well. My eccentricities aside, however, throughout my internship I’ve been constantly remembering how lucky I am to be here and how fascinating the world of SEO copywriting is.



An ambivalent Cambridge reject (all the interviewers’ plush, relic-filled offices were rather intimidating), I had just finished an undergraduate degree in English, having been mocked from start to finish by mostly scientist friends who dismissed me as a “filthy arts student” who would “end up” as a teacher. Ouch!  I was only too aware of the current state of the job market and so set my sights on continuing at my alma mater by pursuing an MA at the University of Sussex.  Perhaps an additional qualification (and more debt!) might help me hedge my bets, I thought.

My blatant disregard for my ongoing financial health aside, I continued working my Sunday job in a local chemist chain and set about trying to do something useful. Initially this involved starting up a blog (and generally practising writing in any which way I could) as well as a healthy dose of video games (I think my frequently hijacking the company Xbox in order to play Soul Calibur during lunch breaks is testament enough to this); little did I know that a combination of the latter would actually end up helping me out.

PS360 controller

This semi-slacking didn’t last for long, though. Believe it or not, I actually wanted to attempt to achieve something and make use of the several months of holiday between then and the start of term.

I applied for several jobs, including one at an old fashioned sweet shop and (partly for a laugh, partly in response to the enthusiastic goading of my friends)  a position with one of the more interesting boutiques in Brighton (neither of these got back to me, for shame). It was about this time that I discovered Wired Sussex and their internship programme. I made myself an account and browsed what was available, in the end applying for a job with a copywriting company. They didn’t get back to me. I was somewhat disheartened, and the start of term was now just over a month away. However, little did I know that there was still hope.

Nick from Wired Sussex got in touch with me one day saying that, while I didn’t get the role I had applied for, he was still looking for placements for a handful of potential interns, me being one of them. I was a little pessimistic, naturally, but hopeful nonetheless. A little while later he phoned me up saying that there was an opening for a junior copywriter at a company called Fresh Egg, and would I be interested? Yes, please! My CV was sent out and quite soon afterwards I had a telephone interview with Adam.

To tell the truth I was terrified, but managed to swallow my nerves long enough to stammer about my passion for writing (as well as video games and me spending an embarrassingly long amount of time explaining the intricacies of tabletop RPGs upon request).  I thought that my incoherence alone would have ruined my opportunity, as well as that awful moment when I proved to know little about potential salaries... my skin crawled.  However, much to my surprise and joy I was phoned back and told that I’d got the job. And the rest, as they say... happened.

D10 Dice

Despite 6 am starts, traffic and adverse weather conditions to contend with, I still managed to make it in more or less on time each day, and even managed to type fairly proficiently when my finger got splinted half way through my time here (tip: when one of your friends falls on your finger, you hear a loud crack and it swells up to about twice its original size, go to A&E, straight away - not three weeks later!).

I have really enjoyed the copywriting work I have done here. Interesting and varied, I now find myself an expert on a wide range of subjects from washing machines to cloud computing. Predictably, perhaps most of all I enjoyed writing about video games for a relatively new client of Fresh Egg.  Maybe all those hours I spent in front of the screen since tender childhood weren’t wasted after all!

I’d like to thank everyone here at Fresh Egg (as well as those at Wired Sussex) for allowing me to gain some vital experience in what I might hopefully turn into a career in the future.  I may escape the perils of teaching yet! You’ve all been lovely and patient with me (especially in regards to my turbulent relationship with the main entrance door) and I’d to be happy to come back and help out any time, even if there are puns involved.


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