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Ella’s A Game Fresh Egg Gal: Another Copywriter Recruit From Our Internship Programme


Following her whirlwind Fresh Egg Wired Sussex scheme, our cunning plan is that she will slowly but surely be drawn in by the seductive lure of the world of web design and SEO.  She has already given up her other job of three years as a humble (yet stylishly attired) sales assistant and is more than ready to put her writing skills (and video game knowledge) to good use.

Doing keyword research and writing SEO copy appeals to her obsessive compulsive side - at least so  she tells us while sitting amidst a rapidly mounting pile of empty Capri Suns.   When not doing that, Ella occupies herself with video games and upgrading Kitty, her beloved gaming rig, as often as money and/or sense permits, tabletop RPGs or writing.



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