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David Naylor to Visit Egg Towers!

Joe Johnson

Once Again Fresh Egg proves it is the thriving hub of the West Worthing – Brighton Digital Enclave with the announcement that Mr. Dave Naylor will be visiting Egg Towers today to give a talk on all things SEO.  For the uninitiated, Dave Naylor is somewhat of a celebrity, prophet and soothsayer in our little SEO world and the office is currently at fever pitch levels of anticipation as we look forward to his arrival.

It is not often that such a respected industry figure will give up the time to come and engage with a relatively small group of people, but being the all round good guy that he is, Dave Naylor has agreed to share his expertise with our motley band of SEO Engineers.

Dave will be visiting our offices this Morning and because we’re nearing the festive season - a time of sharing and goodwill to all men - we plan to document his prophecies and share them with the world.   We’re nice like that too!  Stay tuned for more details…

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