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Learn the Trick of Internet Marketing In a Recession

Allan Bisset

Workshop, Friday September 4th at the Magic Circle Headquarters, London

In these trying times we can’t promise to make the recession disappear, but we can show you simple steps you can take to make the most of your Internet Marketing efforts – SEO, Social Media, Site Conversion and PPC.  We’ve put together  a workshop session that shows  how you can easily get involved in tasks that are proven to enhance Search Engine Optimisation and site visibility through Social Media and improve PPC returns.

Guest speaker will be our chairman, James Caan, who’ll share his thoughts on the current business and economic environment and how best to turn a trick to your advantage.   We’ll then demonstrate some ideas that you can all get involved with.  We’ll share case studies demonstrating actual outcomes and best practice in SEO as well as revealing the mysteries of Social Media and where you’ll get the best return for your investment of time and effort.

James Caan will give the keynote speech at the Workshop

And we thought the most appropriate venue for demonstrating this trick would be the Magic Circle Headquarters, just a minute’s walk away from Euston station,  where the finest wizards from all over the world meet to share secrets and master their art.  There are exhibits, libraries and magic museums and the little known London gem where we’ll hold the workshops: The Magic Circle Theatre which seats 162 in genuine comfort.

There’s no catch or trapdoor!  Just come along and share in the secrets of best and effective practice that you can implement to improve conversion and get the most out of your existing website traffic.  Even if it isn’t magic, it’s still pretty impressive!

Tickets for the full day workshop session including Lunch are £150 + VAT.  Call Adam Stafford or Dan Wotton on 01903 24 77 88  or click here for more details and information.

PDF - Learn the Trick of Internet Marketing in a Recession

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