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FIPP World Magazine Congress – Kensington Palace


managing director

Wow! What an opening night.  On arrival I was witness to swans on stilts and I even met Henry VIII. It was a fantastic curtain up to the event, from the trumpets to the food and wine.  The PPA are to be heartily congratulated on organising such a great evening. I am looking forward to Billingsgate.

You might wonder why an online company is interested in attending the FIPP World Magazine Congress.  Well, Fresh Egg is in the process of redeveloping the PPA website and we are strategically looking at ways in which the print media can benefit from online.

I am particularly excited about the opportunities that ‘Social Media’ bring to the table because there are similarities in audience and approach that need to be explored. Magazines tend to have a pretty loyal customer base which you could call a community of users. I think this ‘community’ theme is the way in which magazines need to look to explore to harness the power of the web.

Having a magazine with a loyal community of users lets you communicate related incremental offerings. Take good old Richard Branson – his college magazine was the vehicle that made Virgin possible. It was establishing his loyal community of readers that enabled him to then sell them records. Virgin was born out of a mail order offering that was ideal for the average reader of his college magazine.

So what should the next steps be for the average magazine? I think the answer is to start to explore the benefits of social media. Strengthen your community – communicate with them and build an ongoing relationship that is beneficial to both parties.

You might have noticed from previous blog posts that I am a fan of Twitter. This is an easy first step for any corporation to dip their toe in the water in the world of social media. It gives you an opportunity of pro-actively going out and grabbing your mailing list.  By doing this you have a way in which you can communicate with your audience on an ongoing basis. Twitter is a simple strategy that anyone can adopt. It is a small investment with great returns.

Once you have the vehicle to communicate online with your traditional offline market, explore the opportunities that can benefit both parties. Some ideas might include;

-    Broadcasting snippets of articles to entice people to buy the next magazine.

-    Look at incremental revenue earning opportunities; this might include offering your users a discount to an on topic online store that you can also benefit from by earning affiliate commission on products sold.

-    Why not explore subscriptions?

-    Content syndication….

For more ideas give us a call. I will be updating more blog posts relevant to FIPP as I attend more workshops over the next few days.

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