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Football teams of 2010 compare to Search companies

Saurav Rimal

Fun and games ;o)

I was bored on Sunday as my girlfriend left me for a better job in Skegness, Lincolnshire so I thought about doing this post. Comparing the football teams to the Search companies in and around the World did help me get over her pretty quickly actually.

Search Companies


Artemis Internet Marketing Real Madrid
Chica SEO Barcelona FC
Fresh Egg Manchester United
Propeller Net Manchester City
Rishi "L" Arsenal
Switched On Media Melbourne Victory
eTrafficSupersport United
E Web Marketing Sydney FC
Bronco (Dave Naylor) Chelsea
SEOCoTottenham Hotspur
First Rate Aston Villa
SEO.comInter Milan
SEO Mofo Milwall FC
Jelly Fish Sporting Lisbon
DistilledEngland - Come on England

While I was doing this post I thought I will ask the people from the search industries on which team they would like to be compare to, the responses are below:

Tom Critchlowfrom Distilled said England Football Team.

Virginia Nussey from Bruce Clay said Steelers and Manchester United. For those who are wondering erm Steelers? They are the 2009 Super Bowl Winners (American Football).


Mani Karthik from Flip Media said Manchester United.

Kelvin Newman from Site Visibility said Manchester United.

Nichola Stott from SEO-Chicks said they would like to be compared to the team from Shaolin Soccer as they are ninjas. YIIII HAAAAAAAAAAA.

This is just for fun what the hell eh:

Search companies VS Google team
Search companies VS Google team

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