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A Fresh Take on Easter Eggs!

Joe Johnson

If we weren’t getting enough Easter treats at the moment with all the four-day weekends and unseasonably balmy weather, the Fresh Egg team were certainly treated to healthy dose of Easter goodwill when these mysterious packages materialised on their desks last Thursday.

Pretty Tasty biscuits

Contained in a box that looked more suitable for a Rolex watch were these beautifully decorated and generously proportioned Easter-egg biscuits from the aptly named Pretty Tasty. Not only were the expertly-crafted confectionery masterpieces all individually hand-decorated, they were also arranged specially in the boxes to reflect the Fresh Egg logo... Mmmm accurate AND delicious!

The biscuits were enjoyed by all and it’s safe say that most of us didn’t have much left to take home and share with friends and family! For me, the Pretty Tasty biscuits seemed like a fusion between everyone’s ‘old skool’ favorite, Party Rings, and traditional short-bread, a winning combination in my book!

Judging by the empty boxes and orange ribbon strewn about the office, the frosted biscuits were a real success and the Pretty Tasty team might just be be called upon in future to provide more sweet treats. Pretty Tasty make bespoke cakes and biscuits for wedding, corporate events and other special occasions, you can visit them at

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