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The Fresh Egg Awards 2010

Joe Johnson

The Fresh Egg Christmas party (see previous post) wasn’t all about gorging on Turkey and wine.  It was also a chance for the company to give something back to its dedicated, passionate and loyal employees for all the graft they’ve put in over the past year. The Fresh Egg awards were designed to recognise and reward staff for their individual achievements and areas of expertise. Before the party, staff were asked to submit their nominations along with reasons for two candidates in each award category.

The Oscars had nothing on us as the ceremony  was ably MC’d by Adam, Pip and Lee and proved to be a closely-fought and tense affair.  Thankfully however, there were no Gweneth Paltrow-esque gushing speeches! Here is a run down of the nominees and winners in each category:-



Best Blog Post


Runners up: Allan Bisset, Joe Johnson


Winner: Ryan Ogilvie

Ryan smashed the established record for the highest number of comments on a post for his excellent and timely analysis of the new Xbox Kinect system


Best Team Player

Runners up: Ryan Ogilvie, Dan Wotton

Winner: Saurav Rimal


Saurav was recognised for his willingness to share useful information and his propensity to help others whenever it was necessary.


Office Clown

Runners up: Allan Bisset, Alex Murray, Tom Davis


Winner: Dan Wotton


Dan was a clear winner in this category for his observational comedy and razor sharp wit (he has asked us to write).  He was also commended for his ability to put a smile on your face, whatever the situation!


Most Likely Person to Invite to Your 100th Birthday

Runners up: Chris Morphew, Dave Grace


Winner: Peter Richards


Pete received the Lion’s share of the nominations for this award for being incredibly kind, a good friend to all in and out of the office, and the one person that everyone finds an absolute pleasure to work with.


Chief Tea Person

Runners up: none!


Winner: Simon Natarajan


Simon was recognised for understanding the vital role that caffeine and sugar play in the endeavors of a successful Web Design team!


Pure Class (Quality Award)


Runner up: Andrew Heasman


Winner: Ollie Battams


Ollie’s friends and colleagues couldn’t heap enough praise on him, he was repeatedly quoted as being able to deliver ‘outstanding and inspiring work’.


Most Improved Starter

Runners up: Palashi Pandya, Joe Johnson


Winner: Alex Murray

Since joining the fold earlier this year, Alex has hatched from an SEO chick into a master of Internet Marketing and is now able to teach the rest of the team a thing or two!

Best Team Leader

Runner up: Sarah Tunstall


Winner: Tony Goldstone


The qualities that really shone through for Fresh Egg’s ‘silver fox of SEO’ was his laid back, open attitude coupled with a wealth of knowledge and talent that makes him such a good leader and talisman for the entire SEO team.


Most Reliable

Runner up: Kat Robinson


Winners: Val and Tania


This joint award went to Val and Tania who both do an excellent job of steering the Fresh Egg ship. They are both always on time and the day-to-day running of the office would simply not happen without them!


Person with the Best Client Relationship

Runner up: Paul Chaloner


Winner: Chris Perkins


Chris is able to stay on top of the demands of a wide variety of clients and deal effectively with awkward situations, even when the pressure is on!


Most Adaptable Person

Runners up: Ben Shaw


Winner: Dara Fitzgerald


Dara has been universally praised for making such a monumental job transition from a sales role look easy. He embraced the challenge of working on the Analytics team with gusto and as learned all there is to know about the discipline incredibly quickly.


Fresh Egg Innovation Award

Runners up: none!


Winner: Nick Morley


This award comes to Nick after he joined the company and implemented a number of new and innovative processes that will undoubtedly drive the company forward in the coming months and years.


Most Dedicated

Runners up: Vaughan Luke


Winner: Sarah Tunstall


The volume and variety of positive words about Sarah’s pivotal role in Fresh Egg’s success was incredible. Sarah is described as the hardest worker people have ever met and her dedication is said to be unrivaled, often working into the wee small hours of the morning to tie up all the loose ends.


Fresh Egg Genius

Runners up: Tony Goldstone


Winner: Dan Ellis

Dan is described as the Terminator around these parts, and with good reason, there is nothing he cannot do. He has an exceptional ability to deliver impressive, outstanding work consistently.


Most Inspiring Person

Runners up: none!


Winner: Steve Teece


Steve is a respected leader amongst his co-workers and was singled out for being one of the most inspiring people at the company. He was noted for his calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge. Few people have such Expert-Teece in SEO as Steve!


Employee of the Year

Runner up: Jerome Degl’Innocenti


Winner: Vaughan Luke


Vaughan took the award for employee of the year, the most prestigious on the list, for being the one that keeps everything running smoothly at Fresh Egg. Vaughan is constantly toiling away behind the scenes to make sure all the equipment we use is operating correctly. He has made the big transitions that Fresh Egg has gone through this year go smoothly and painlessly; he is the real lynchpin of the company!


Suffice to say there were no Hollywood style tantrums or hard feelings from the runners up, each award was justified and well deserved. Winners received a shiny, translucent trophy while runners up we given HMV vouchers. We hope to make the Fresh Egg Awards an annual event which means all of us here will be working harder than ever in an attempt to get our hands on a trophy next year!

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