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Fresh Egg Dress Code?

Allan Bisset

OK.  There’s no real reason for this blog post other than the picture.  Little did we suspect when we hired young Thomas Davis as a junior IT guru that he shared a passion with many luminaries of the stage and screen including Eddy Izzard.

Bereft at the news of the sad death of Danny la Rue, it seems Tom took the latest corporate edict from our chairman about “dress” code a little too literally!

Fresh Egg's Got Talent with Tom

Of course, there’s been no such edict and Tom doesn’t even know who Danny la Rue was!  No, he was just getting into the swing by dressing up for a forthcoming stag night for a friend of Adam Stafford, our MD.

But he did seem to enjoy the experience a little too much….So maybe Fresh Egg's Got Talent and the theatre will witness the birth of a new star after all?

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