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Fresh Egg Go Karting - The Results & Awards

Steve Hutton

Earlier this month a group of enthusiastic Fresh Egg staff went go karting, with the sole aim of proving that we aren’t just competitive about what we get up to in the office.  We all said we wouldn’t take it too seriously, but that all changed when we arrived and got into our helmets and overalls.  There was a clear mental tut when our ‘Race Director’ said we weren’t allowed to bump.  Certain employees chose not to hear this though, as later events suggested!

Twelve of us chose to participate, the maximum number that the TeamSport indoor track we had chosen could support.  The Grand Prix event we opted for allowed us a qualifying session before our main race, of which the top three drivers were to receive trophies.

Fresh Egg staff anticipating the race

It was evident that people wanted the pole position during qualifying, as a number of us gained ‘black flags’ for bumping and ignoring the traffic light system.  There were bumps, spin-offs and drama, but Vaughan Luke, our IT director, secured the top spot with an impressive time of 34 seconds (only two seconds off the track record!).

The main race came about quickly and this is where it got ugly. Everyone stepped up to the challenge and I was put into the wall on the very first corner, destroying my chance of a podium finish. Vaughan Luke got to the chequered flag first and proved his qualifying time wasn’t just luck.

Our quiet dark horse was SEO engineer, Ahmed Khalifa, who only missed out on the first position by a ‘smidge’, while software developer, David Grace, finished the podium line-up with a well deserved third.  The wooden spoon went to senior SEO engineer, Vinod Kumar Malobanna, and my early spin-off secured me my 11th position, something I’m not bitter about.  Not at all.

1st - Vaughan Luke, 2nd - Ahmed Khalifa, 3rd - David Grace

I’ve put together some other awards for everyone’s enjoyment (and embarrassment), too:

The Bumping Award goes to SEO consultant David Sewell for a spectacular crash into my kart during qualifying.

The Black Flag Award goes to front end developer Garry Knapper, who accrued four warnings during qualifying (which nearly brought his session to an early end).

The Race Disgrace goes to SEO engineer Scott Colenutt after he spun me off in the first three seconds of the race.

The Most Improved goes to client delivery coordinator Katherine Charles as she completed an extremely fast lap during the main race after a slow but steady qualifying one.

The Brave Face Award goes to technical engineer Gavin Brooks after showing up a little worse for wear from an eventful night before.

David Grace & Garry Knapper

The TeamSport track

We’ll be sure to have another go karting event soon, probably on an outdoor track, where we can revisit old rivalries and I can perhaps get my own back!

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