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Fresh Egg Internships: Hatching Eggs into SEO Chic

Kat Cole

Can’t get a job without experience? Can’t get experience without a job?

I bet you’re sick of hearing companies and internship schemes promising to make this a problem of the past and not delivering? I know I was. Frustratingly, too many internships and work experience placements exist solely to provide companies with free/low paid labour for a few weeks and offer no real job or career prospects at the end.

With entry level jobs in decline, working for experience alone is obviously important in proving your dedication to the industry in which you want to work but lack of a monetary backing does make this situation difficult to sustain. Catching trains to faraway lands (well, anywhere that isn’t my sleepy Butlins-famed hometown of Bognor Regis!) has proved a costly affair over the past year – one that isn’t the easiest to manage on the pittance of Job Seeker’s Allowance!

Degrees no longer guarantee employment and this means that the competition for those opportunities that do exist are becoming increasingly competitive. I was warned of this harsh reality whilst still at university but I really didn’t expect that I’d be spending a year tirelessly racking up internships and work experience within a broad range of companies, convinced that nothing permanent would ever come along for me.


That was until copywriter  and ex-intern Joe Johnson suggested I send my CV to Fresh Egg based on the brilliant experience he had (and continues to have) here. I am truly thankful he did because it has not only lead to me securing a full time position but I feel I have learnt more at Fresh Egg than anywhere previously. Additionally, because the world of SEO is always changing and developing, the team is continually learning too which creates quite the dynamic and engaging working environment!

Fresh Egg love interns and it’s rare that the company does not invite the hardest working of them back for full time positions. In the last 3 months alone, our copy team has grown exponentially with interns Joe Johnson, Dan Cash, Ella McConnell, Aidan Donovan, myself and our most recent recruit Stephen Woor (who we’ll dedicate a blog post to shortly) joining the team on a permanent basis. Internships have proven a fantastic way to recruit across the whole of the company with SEO engineers Alex Murray and Ryan Ogilvie also hired as a result of temporary placements.

Anyone with a passion for SEO and/or writing should contact Fresh Egg with their CV and a covering letter. We’re always looking for enthusiastic, hard working folk (or should that be “yolk”? *Bad dum dum tsk!*) and we would love to hear from you.

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