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Where Can You Find A New Job In The Fast Paced World Of SEO?

Dan Cash

When we moved into our new offices in the heart of Worthing the first thing we noticed, well, it was unavoidable really, there were acres of room and when you compare the space to the office we came from… It was like releasing battery chickens into a plush new coop.

The Meeting Room

But what were we going to do with all this new space? Over the past few months from my vantage point in the corner of the floor, looking out over the desks more and more heads have been interrupting my view of the mural of the opposite wall, which is leading to my increased embarrassment at NEVER being able to remember people’s names.

We Can Always  Make Room For A Little One!

This Was My 'Department'


Adding more staff to the Fresh Egg crew would have been inconceivable in the old office. We were cramped in so tight we couldn’t stretch our legs without kicking some-one opposite and woe betide any-one who pinched my seat and replaced it with the decrepit stool that we reserved for noobs who had no say in what equipment they were lumbered with until they’d earned their wings.

My First Desk

Thankfully those days are over now and we’re always looking to man a few more machines. Indeed as I’m typing this Vaughan and Tom are dismantling desks all around me in order to shuffle them all back a few feet over the weekend so that they can fit a couple more rows of tables in, no, it’s alright, it’s not distracting at all!

Because we’ve got the capacity to pitch to ever bigger and better clients and as we win those contracts (natch) we need new people to be able to keep up with the work we’ve accrued. So, can you do search engine optimisation? Do you want to learn how? If you’re interested in SEO and have aptitude or you’re a hard bitten professional who fought and won against Panda Farmers and can’t get enough Caffeine in the mornings then we want to talk to you.

Our New Dining Room

 What Can You Do For Us And What Can We Do For You?

As well as experienced and budding SEO engineers we have a variety of other positions we need to fill too. On Monday last I received an email from Lucy informing me we were also currently actively looking to fill the following positions:


::Statistical Analyst

::Paid Search Analyst

::Technical Web Analyst

::Web Analyst

Your First Impression


But, if you’ve a passion for SEO, find Google Analytics fascinating and Webmaster Tools is one of your most frequently hit bookmarks then you really should get in touch. We’ve got a desk for you and we really could do with some of the pressure taking off!

Relax In The Games and Chill Room

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