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Matt Smith – Designer, Skater, Gravy Maker

Ella McConnell

Matt SmithMatt Smith is an excellent new addition to our design team, having joined us as a junior web designer last week following a four week internship. He’s certainly proved himself academically, having graduated from the University of Brighton last year with a first class degree in digital media. Matt has also gained a fair bit of work experience thanks to having picked up a few freelance video and database development projects in the time before he joined Fresh Egg.

Design certainly seems to come naturally to Matt: he taught himself how to use Adobe Creative Suite, attributing his first to his main project Kitchen Lab, an immersive interactive design concept that was praised for its uniqueness. He also admits having a soft spot for UX design, typography (although cites spelling as his greatest downfall) and subtle textures, all of which we’re happy for him to explore here at Fresh Egg.

Matt’s interests do stray outside the world of design, however. He travelled around Thailand on his own when he was 18 (which he describes as “equal parts terrifying and amazing”) and enjoys cooking, insisting his roast dinner gravy is “incredible… too good to be modest for”. Matt’s youth was spent skateboarding, a hobby he still dabbles in on occasion, and was even briefly addicted to playing EA Skate on the PS3 (although long enough to rank 34th in the world at one point; in Matt’s own words, “this is extremely sad but an achievement nonetheless”).

Matt also claims to be an incredibly fast runner despite doing very little exercise, putting this down to running to catch buses and trains to school, uni and work – no excuses for any missed trains in the future, then?

When asked the big question of why he wanted to work with us, Matt said:

“Beer fridge + pool table = no brainer! In all seriousness, though, Fresh Egg is a delightfully relaxed working environment, the team is super friendly and the work diverse and challenging – it was an easy decision to stay on after my internship.”

It’s certainly got to be better than one of his previous non-industry jobs when he was back in school: shredding 30 years’ worth of old car sale documents over three weeks.

Great to have you with us, Matt!


Matt’s Desert Island Survival Pack

Film: The Shawshank Redemption Predictable, but it’s IMBD number one for a reason!

Song: Strange

Book: Does Thrasher Magazine count?

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