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Pam Johns and Fresh Egg - A perfect match!

David Showell

A Senior Account Manager with an impressive CV, Pam Johns joined Fresh Egg in August, and has already made her mark in many spheres. Pam has a marketing and buying background, and has worked with a number of high profile clients, including Cadbury’s, Focus DIY and So if any of us at Fresh Egg are in the mood for a blind date with a chocolate-loving handyperson, we’ll have to ask Pam to arrange it.

Having studied Social Science at Nottingham Trent University, Pam has gone on to travel the world. Her wanderlust has taken her to the carnivals of Brazil and the ski slopes of Europe, as well as a spell doing voluntary work in Sri Lanka. A proud Brummy, Pam left Birmingham and spent ten years living in London before settling into life in Brighton. She comes from a large family and has several nieces and nephews, and she claims to be ‘in training’ to be a stepmother to her boyfriend’s seven-year-old daughter.

Pam has a number of hobbies, and will often spend what spare time she gets baking a dizzying array of tempting treats. She’s a keen skier, too, and likes to unwind with a good book. But put her on two wheels and you’ll really see her shine. A highly competent cyclist, Pam once mastered the gruelling London to Paris ride. While there’s no cycling track here at Fresh Egg, there is at least an oven, so we look forward to some of her best creations!

With some excellent business experience to her name, Pam is looking forward to discovering more about life in the digital sector. The world of marketing is changing, and everyone at Fresh Egg is delighted to know that Pam is changing with it. Welcome to the fold, Pam, and enjoy your time at Fresh Egg Towers!

Pam’s Desert Island Survival Pack:

Film:    Life is Beautiful

Song:   Destiny (Zero 7)

Book:   The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas)

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