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Scott Colenutt joins the SEO Team at Fresh Egg

Gez Hebburn

Scott ColenuttScott Colenutt is the latest internet denizen to realise his fate and, errr... ultimate destiny, joining the team at Fresh Egg as a junior SEO engineer.

Well ok - it may not be his ultimate destiny... but for now we'll have to do. Scott has a lot of experience in Internet Marketing, having worked freelance on behalf of Rageous media promoting artists such as Kings Of Leon, Hannah Montana, Beastie Boys, Iron Maiden, Ne-Yo and more. Far from being a one-trick pony, Mr Colenutt also brings a wealth of musical knowledge and enthusiam to Fresh Egg, having written for online websites such as and, as well as other on-and-offline magazines primarily about Urban, Hip-Hop and Soul music.

Scott's favourite gig experience was Stevie Wonder, his favourite musician is J Dilla, and hearing thissongwriting collaboration with musiqman the potential 'Fresh Egg Band' is looking funkier than ever. Besides music, Scott's achievements include finishing two marathons.

So, with talent, experience, stamina and a way with words, Scott will settle in well here at Fresh Egg.

"I want to be the best; therefore I have to learn from the best."

Scott Colenutt

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