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Sheila Puertollano – Creative Course Junkie

Ella McConnell

Sheila PuertollanoSheila Puertollano joined us this month as a PPC manager, having been a PPC account manager in Dublin for the last couple of years and a PPC manager in Spain before that. It's easy to tell from her recent work history that Sheila has plenty of experience in the field, but what else do we know about the latest addition to the Fresh Egg team?

During the first year of the two she spent living in Dublin, Sheila moved house a grand total of five times. Her excuse for this was having “a bit of an OCD problem” (something a few Fresh Eggers can probably identify with, for better or worse) and never having found the perfect housemate as a result. However, after finally ending up living on her own, she claims to have never had a problem since. While perhaps not quite the same as the kind involved in moving house repeatedly, Sheila also adores travelling and trying out new restaurants – we'll have to ask her to relay her findings to the team some time.

Sheila's skills aren't just limited to PPC, of course. She regularly takes courses that interest her, “even if I won't use the title for anything in the future” – her latest was a fashion course, which she finished in January, and currently has her sights set on one on interior design, another passion of hers. As well as professing shopaholic tendencies (perhaps somewhat related to the aforementioned courses), Sheila also used to be a spinning instructor. She also loves baking, although ruefully adds that “normally I don’t have volunteers to eat what I make (which might say a bit about my baking skills…).

It seems that Sheila is also something of an animal lover, as when asked why she wanted to work with Fresh Egg, she said: “I liked the video of the dog running up and down the office!

We (including the office dogs Jake and Dodge, no doubt) are glad to have you with us, Sheila!


Sheila's Desert Island Survival Pack

Film: Chicago

Song: Anything by La Oreja de Van Gogh

Book:Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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