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Tim Cross – Lover of Display, Hater of Mice


Content marketing strategist

Our new director of display, Tim Cross, comes to us with an impressive marketing pedigree. He’s worked in the digital industry for more than 13 years, and as such has had ample opportunity to work with all manner of clients. He was also involved in building AdSmart, one of the first display advertising networks in the UK.

After five years on the AdSmart team, Tim went on to work for News Corporation, championing its display operation before eventually moving on –to Cornwall – to start his own business. He ran Dotcom Media Sales, the product of this venture, for two years before selling it to a competitor.

Before he came to Fresh Egg, Tim worked for Guava, an SEO agency based in Redruth, before moving back to London to head up the display business for NetBooster (who acquired Guava) in 2012.

So, that’s work-mode Tim, but what does he enjoy outside of his prolific career in digital media? The odd spot of celeb chasing apparently: Tim tells us he once kissed Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue. Unfortunately, we were unable to contact Miss Minogue to verify the truth of this claim.

After a hard day at Fresh Egg’s London office, Tim enjoys nothing more than a quick stroll home (he can see his flat from the office), getting to grips with his latest Lego creation and settling in for a night of home cinema. Otherwise, you’ll find him cheering on Manchester United (it’s okay – he’s been to see a game in real life) or chilling out listening to music. The one thing Tim’s not a fan of is mice. In his own words, “I really don’t like mice, they make me scream”. It’s okay Tim, you won’t find any mice lurking around the Fresh Egg offices – just the odd SEO engineer in a panda costume.

So, what brought Tim to Fresh Egg’s doors (apart from the ‘no mice’ promise)? Tim said:

“Having looked at several opportunities in London I felt that Fresh Egg offered a great chance to build on what is clearly already a very successful business. I felt immediately welcome and everyone I met seemed to have a wealth of experience and a balanced attitude to work and life.”

We’re glad you’re already settled in Tim; it’s great to have you on the team.


Tim’s Desert Island Survival Pack

Film: Star Wars – Return of the Jedi

Song: Telegraph Road by Dire Straits

Book: The Art of War by Sun Tzu

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