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We're One Week Into Movember And All Seems To Be Going Well...

Dan Cash

It’s all going on for Movember, no-one has given in and gone Sweeny Todd on the itchy, vaguely ridiculous looking facial furniture so far. Yesterday I was told I looked like Timothy Dalton from The Rocketeer (Thanks Dan, appreciate it!) which, while not making the effort altogether worthwhile did make me feel suave and dashing in a 1930s criminal mastermind kind of a way!

Another trick to help us get through the difficult first weeks of being proud Mo Bearers can be found on our Facebook page. If you’re having difficulty imagining what you’d look like as a daring pistolero, Belgian detective or hirsute rock star you can print our graphical renditions and paste them to your face. Or you can turn them into your profile picture for the month while encouraging all your friends to get behind the Mo-vement by sponsoring a hairy lip of their own. Instructions on how to put up the pictures on your profile are on the wall.

Hang on, what do you mean you don’t like any of the Mos that we’ve got on there? Well, we aim to please so there will be more designs coming along later in the month. Over the course of any month nearly a thousand men in the UK are diagnosed having prostate cancer, because, on average, around 10,000 men each year are found to have this form of the disease. Drinking more than 6 units per day, that’s 2 pints of standard lager or two glasses of wine per day have an increased risk of developing high grade prostate cancer. Smoking doesn’t help either. Cigarettes and tobacco don’t just cause lung cancer, the toxins in the bloodstream travel throughout the circulatory system and can therefore increase the chances of developing cancer wherever they go. And if your dad or brother are diagnosed then you too are 2.5 times more likely to have it yourself so get yourself checked. The idea of an exam might not be very funny (it's really not that bad) but the alternative isn’t particularly amusing either.

If you’d like to help research into early diagnosis, treatment and maybe even a cure for this or any other kind of cancer then you can sponsor any of us on our Team Movember page or donate money directly to cancer charities. Anything you can give adds up so don’t be shy if you can only spare a couple of pounds, on the other hand, if you’ve got a fortune you’d like to put the way of a moustachioed young buck then I’d be more than happy to take your sponsorship, thanks!

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