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Five Frightening SEO Halloween Horrors!

Joe Johnson

So it’s almost Halloween and across the land the land boys and ghouls (sorry) will be donning their fancy dress capes and painting their faces as pale as a Java Script programmer, preparing to ask total strangers for confectionery and throw eggs at the houses of those who refuse. SEO professionals will certainly not be talking part in such shenanigans, the world of search has its own spooky goings on to deal with; here are the Five most frightening SEO related Halloween horrors –


Black Hats

We all know that witches wear their tall, pointy black hats when stirring their cauldrons, whipping up a concoction that will curse those who drink it. You may not be aware however that there are some SEOs out there who employ similarly underhand acts. Black hat SEO involves all kind of horrific tactics that angelic white hats frown upon, and will get them cursing when they are reprimanded by the Search Engine police!



Robots can be cute, cool and are often portrayed in Hollywood as helpful to the human race, think C3-PO or Robocop; but what happens when these metal mechanoids turn bad? Megatron from Transformers or the T1000 Terminator were pure evil and SEO engineers can often feel the same way about the robots that don’t index their web pages!



Everyone’s least favourite insect, the arachnid just looks downright scary with its eight spindly limbs. Spiders also exist in the SEO world, at least in virtual form, and can crawl the web for information quicker than the real thing can scuttle across your bedroom floor!


The Undead


SEOs will not be worried about zombies when they are safely locked away in their offices, but other undead beings can keep coming back to haunt them. Keeping up with web trends is tough, especially in the fast moving world of social media; these days a new fangled social network like Google Wave can go from live and well to undead quicker than someone being hunted down by a pack of hungry zombies!



(Grave) Diggers


Many SEOs profess that ‘content is king’ on the web, one of the ways to disseminate content around the web is with the use a social book marking site like Digg. Getting your content onto the first page of Digg is a potential method of driving traffic to your site, but achieving this is a nightmare and there is always the risk that your cool video, picture or piece of writing will get buried alive!

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