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Matt Cutts to Bing, Torres to Man Utd

Paul Chaloner

It is a tenuous link, designed to grab your attention of course, but here goes anyway. Through a discussion between the SEO engineers in the Fresh Egg office it was suggested (by me) that instead of simply retiring or getting pensioned off, Matt Cutts might, instead decide to join Bing, Google’s up –and-coming rival. Our erstwhile SEO director however disagreed and pointed out that Cutt’s departure to Bing was about as likely as Fernando Torres leaving Liverpool for Manchester United.


Is Cutts making a transfer?



From an SEO perspective too, Google is finding as much as it can to alienate or at the very least marginalise those in SEO through the introduction of new “features”, yet Bing are taking a different approach and have almost (but not quite) welcomed SEO engineers in to the bosom of their heart. The only thing missing for Bing, to my mind at least is someone out there championing them and their ethos and interacting with the huge SEO world at large. Which is why they need a Matt Cutts type figure or better still, the man himself.


As in football, when you take a player from one team, you not only improve your own, but you weaken the old team too and this can’t have escaped the pay masters at Bing. Frankly, if Bing wants to grow quickly, they should be ready to make the biggest signing in SEO history and splash the cash on Cutts, he might just score more than Torres does in a Manchester United shirt – You read it here first.


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