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Pay Us to Get On Our Bikes!

Allan Bisset

It’s a south coast fixture and will be the curse of anyone trying to drive down to Brighton on Sunday 20 June 2010.  Yes, we’re coming up to the annual London to Brighton Bike Ride (or L2B as we prefer to call it!).  L2B is a well established British Heart Foundation fundraising event and we here at Fresh Egg always try to do our bit for deserving causes.

A Team Fresh Egg member in intensive training with the latest in bike technologyL2B last year

We’ve held an internal fashion parade to see who looks good in Lycra and a helmet and conducted exhaustive fitness tests by closing down the lift for a day to see which designers, developers, project managers, SEO engineers and other Egglets made it to the second floor unaided.  Oh, and of course the other pre-requisite was “do you own a bicycle?"

Passing those trials and answering “yes – I have a velocipede” was qualification enough for the Fresh Egg team that consists of:  Andrew Heasman, Ben Shaw, Ollie Battams, Adam Stafford, Vaughan Luke and Chris Morphew..

These brave lads may not aspire to matching the achievements of Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins – getting through the 54 miles of the L2B will be triumph enough – but we would ask everyone who reads this blog to have a heart and sponsor Team Fresh Egg as generously as possible.

You can do that by visiting this donation/sponsorship page and giving of your hard earned cash.  Not only will you have the satisfaction of contributing to a good cause but we promise to show you the best Lycra-clad shots of our “heads- down -bum -up -boys” in future blog posts!

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