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Who wins our Pirates Day fancy dress competition? You decide!

Nazilla Allahiary

YAAARGH!!! Pirates of Worthing draw yer swords!

Inspired by Mark Summers an’ John Baur, ‘International Talk Like A Pirate Day!’ took over t’ Fresh Egg office on Monday 19 September.

‘Ere b’ a selection o’ some o’ the best dressed pirates tha’ ever did cross the salty seas o’ our good ship Buckingham Road.

Beware m’arties, fer only one scurvy pirate can take t’ treasure chest o’ glorious gold back t’ ther ship.  For t’ others … aaarrrggh, they b’ scrubbin’ them decks and walkin’ t’ plank!

Cast yer vote peopl’ – who yer b’ voting the best dressed pirate o’ Fresh Egg?

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