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Why An SEO Engineer Would Ace The Apprentice

Joe Johnson

The latest series of The Entrepreneurial reality TV show ‘The Apprentice’ is now well underway. Hosted by hard-to-please steely business owner Alan Sugar, the show has again demonstrated an eclectic pool of contestants encompassing a surgeon, an unemployed graduate and the obligatory couple of bankers. By Sugar’s own admission, the winning contestant need not be a an established business hotshot, but they do need to have a killer instinct, the will to succeed and the gift of the gab to talk themselves out of the dreaded boardroom grilling sessions.

So how would an SEO Engineer cope in the cut throat world of The Apprentice? Does the average keyboard jockey have the gumption to take on 13 other hard nosed business pros? There are many different skills and attributes the winning contestant must possess to rise to the top of the pack including;



Peddling goods, whether on the streets or in a high profile pitch to a large chain retailer, is a big part of The Apprentice. Being able to persuade a passer-by to part with their cash for your badly made sausages is a crucial skill that demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit and a never-say-die attitude. SEO Engineers are well versed in this practice, many of them having heaps of experience trying to persuade clients to remove the dodgy flash animations from their site!



An idea that solves a common problem can be worth millions, and it only takes a Eureka moment to generate such a concept. This series of The Apprentice has seen abominations like a book-holder more complicated to assemble than an eight-man tent. SEO requires forward thinking and the ability to innovate constantly to stay abreast of the latest developments.


Team Working

Like most things, SEO can be a solitary pursuit, but it is much more effective if carried out in a team. Getting a website to the top of the SERPs often requires multiple talents and resources. Pulling all these together into one well-oiled operation is not easy, but if done right it can be devastatingly effective. Needless to say this series’ collection of dullards have yet to perform such a feat!



Squeezing every last bit of link building potential out of the day can be tricky for an SEO Engineer, eight hours is never enough time to get everything done, and in the rapidly moving world of the web, time is of the essence! The best SEO Engineers are the ones that can juggle five different tasks at a time without working themselves into a frenzy, something we’ve seen this year’s contestants do on a regular basis!


So far I’ve yet to see any of The Apprentice contestants display all of these skills this year; bickering, disorganisation and bungled pitches seem to be dish of the day and if Sir Alan has any sense he’ll fire the lot of them. I’m certain if an SEO Engineer joined the fray they’d be in the pound seats for a job with the Amstrad boss, and after some savvy marketeering, would be hearing the phrase ‘You’re hired!’.

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