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Saurav Rimal

Did you know that this Friday is National Dress Up Your Pet day? It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up your pooch as a superhero, film star, or a variety of Halloween guises or specialty outfits. Although it may not be an instant hit with the London Borough Pitbull-owning fraternity, you would have to be a stony-hearted person indeed not to raise a smile at some of the dog fancy dress options that are available.

Never ones to miss a chance to dress up at Fresh Egg, here is Dodger, the office dog on the first floor. Looking resplendent (if possibly a little traumatised and/or gender confused) as Princess Leia in Star Wars. We could have opted for Darth Vader, but look how well the Carrie Fisher Danish-bun hairdo blends in with his natural colouring! Gok Wan himself would weep with envy, I’m sure.

Before commentators start flaming with accusations of cruelty, let me assure you that Dodger has been amply paid over the last few months with a regular share of my lunches. So much so, that whenever I trot into the office with a plastic bag of any sort, he’s straight over to my desk shoving a curious nose under my elbow.

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