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Kinect-ing SEO, Web Design and Programming With Games?


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Now this may be a blog focused on SEO, web design and all the rest of it but as you may have seen from some of my previous posts I also get pretty excited when it comes to gaming as well. So when I am not working and jumping around the office gaining top positions in Google and I have a bit of spare time I like to load the Xbox, PS3 or Wii up and have a bit of a blast.

There have been a fair number of decent games either announced or already released across the three platforms this year and some shockingly bad hardware as well like Playstation Move (better known as the Playstation Wii Remote).  I have not really seen the Wii Motion Plus attachment do anything other than prove to be an annoyance when I try and play.

Kinect Time

Kinect is on the way next week (already out in the US) and although I am worried this is going to be yet another piece of hardware that will crash and burn, the reviews are out in the USA and so far  it's all looking good.   This is certainly a relief and makes my £130 investment in the hardware along with the couple of hundred more I have put in the games seem to be worthwhile after all!

So what the hell is Kinect? Well if you don’t know already I am not going to tell you!  Instead, look at this typically cheesy American TV Ad that will reveal all!

Even though the Microsoft haters are out there in force this week it would seem there have been a lot more positive vibes  than negative ones.  Microsoft is  rumoured to have upped  sales expectations that were originally supposed to be three million to a rocket-powered 5 million units before the end of the year.

What Can You Do?

Not only do you get to play your games without the need for a controller but this time the hardware recognises each and every movement you make. So when you get up to play Dance Central  for example you cannot simply wiggle around like you can in most Wii games.   You really do have to make the effort and attempt all of the moves in the correct way.

On top of the games you will find you can now navigate the 360 dashboard with your hands and the Xbox 360 can now recognise voice and you will be able to tell your Xbox to do a variety of things. The Kinect Sensor also enables you to have video chat and will move to track you if you are walking around the room.

Another bonus is that as soon as you walk in front of your Xbox Kinect will be able to recognise you and will sign you in immediately.

If you are still worried that this is not going to kick some serious ass then take a look at some of the IGN reviews given for the games. (have also included videos)

Dance Central- 8/10 – Impressive

Kinect Sports 8/10 – Impressive

Sonic Free Riders- 7.5 – Good

Kinectimals – 7.0 – Decent

As for my view, well when I receive the hardware next week (or over the coming weeks if Santa is kind)  I shall let you know.  So far, it  seems to be missing a killer game to really push it out there.  Could  Star Wars Kinect change that next year?

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