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Joe Johnson

So the snow that had been teasing the South of England finally hit the Sussex coast yesterday, plunging Worthing into sub-zero temperatures and coating the town in a picturesque white blanket. Here at Egg Towers the situation was a little more chaotic however as staff, like thousands of other commuters, faced transport woes which halted their valiant attempts to make it into the office despite the treacherous conditions.

So as some of the SEO and Web Design teams work from home, those who were able to get in decided to make the most of the conditions. No one was more aghast at the transformation of our staff car park into a wintery wonderland than our resident Aussies, Alice and Ben. Needless to say our account managers from down under are more used to surfing and sunbathing than trudging through knee-deep snow!


Unable to resist the temptation of making a snowman (or snow person to be politically correct!), the pair created this lifelike sculpture, complete with leaves for eyes and a couple of sad-looking branches for arms, the jury is currently out on which of their colleges they modeled it on! They even found the time to create a companion for him/her/it, though what exactly it’s meant to be is beyond us - a tribute to Dodger, our office dog perhaps!

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