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Vote for Fresh Egg's Best Dressed Pirate!

Laura McDonald

The Fresh Egg ship b' brimmin' with Pirates today with t' crew dressin' up t' celebrate t' International Talk Like A Pirate Day yarrrr!

We go' wenches an' swashbucklers swathed in velvet an' gold, but t' scurvy pirates only b' aft' one thin' - t' treasure. Fer one o' them pirates b' receivin' a prize fer bein' t' Best Dressed Pirate o' t' Fresh Egg ship!

'Av a look a' t' gallery an' vote fer yarr Best Dressed Pirate in t' poll below. G'on Arrr!

[gallery link="file" orderby="rand"]

[polldaddy poll=6545831]

If yer haven't yet seen t' pirate sword-figh' on t' Fresh Egg ship, check out t' video:

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