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Aint No SEO Party Like a Fresh Egg Party!

Joe Johnson


The weekend just gone played host to one of the biggest and most extravagant Christmas parties in the South-East, a yuletide extravaganza of music, dancing, food and the odd drink or two (though not necessarily in that order!). The entire Fresh Egg collective, minus a few notable absentees *cough* Aidan and Dan *cough* descended on the Old Selden barn in deepest, darkest Sussex for a celebration that none of us will be forgetting for some time (or should that be remembering for some time…).





All the ingredients were there for an epic night, a plush, well furnished venue, a live band, sublime catering provided by Red Anywhere, and of course, a free bar! So as the wine flowed (courtesy of Classic Wine Direct) Fresh Eggers removed their SEO and Web Design hats for the night and came together to commemorate what has been a whirlwind year at Egg Towers.






A more somber note was injected as the entire team raised a glass to Jaamit, our friend and colleague in all our thoughts.  He was one of most widely respected and well-loved individuals in the world of SEO as well as being the most prolific and influential employee at Fresh Egg.  His death just one month ago sent shockwaves through the Internet Marketing community.






Glasses were also raised to our successes over the past twelve months including the securing of multiple high profile accounts, some great results that have retained clients and consolidated Fresh Egg’s position at the top of the SEO hierarchy, and the prospect of moving into newer, much larger offices in the New Year. Fresh Egg’s phenomenal growth in terms of employee numbers was also duly noted, a glaringly obvious occurrence considering the turnout was almost double that of our Ten Year anniversary celebrations a mere nine months earlier.





After the meal, a modern spin on the classic Christmas dinner, which was by all accounts absolutely delectable, those of us who were still able to stand took to the dance floor to bust some (highly suspect) moves! All I can say is that it’s lucky our SEO, Web Design, Copywriting and Analytics skills are better than our choreography which certainly left something to be desired! Saying that, our resident copywriting guru, Mr. Bisset did hijack the stage with a credible, if inebriated drum solo.






Memories of the coach ride back to Worthing are hazy to say the least but as our motley band of Eggers went their separate ways, some home to rest, some to continue the celebrations in Worthing town centre, there was a real sense of togetherness and unity that only a bar stocked with crate upon crate of beer and spirits can facilitate!


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