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25th November - Adam's 30th Birthday Party


managing director

Righto, the plan is to hire out East and get some covers bands in to play some live music in the main room of East and get some Funky House happening in the Persia Bar.

I am planning to have Persia Bar as a completely private bar with the main room as a filter for people who aren't invited to share in the 30th Birthday celebrations!

Murdochs Crazy Eyes played at East Nightclub on Saturday on one of the nights I promote with Chris Simmons. They were the best covers band I have seen in a long time. All of the live music on Saturday and the Funky House was AWESOME. Kevin Sparrow played for the first time with Mis Judged (Shelley Kirst) - it was a great night.

The theme for the night might be a Rubik Cube Night - everyone has to come to the party weary at least 3 of the colours of a Rubik Cube - by the end of the night everyone must be wearing the same colour. What do you think?! I stole the idea from a friend but I thought that it could prove to be a little interesting.

Anyway, all friends welcome, let me know if you would like to attend!

Other friends from school will also be celebrating their 30th at the same party:

Jim Wood (adopted school member, confirmed)

Andy Gamble (confirmed)

Kelly Mash (to confirm)

and me, Adam Stafford (confirmed) ;)

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