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Adam Stafford page 1 listing in Google


managing director

I am Adam Stafford, I set up Fresh Egg with Lee and Pip Stafford (my sister). I mainly get involved with new business at Fresh Egg and one thing I am encouraging clients to purchase as an addition to their website is the latest hot potato 'Blogging Software'. I have been recommending a website blog as a vehicle to add relevant content to a website to enhance a broad range of search listings within major search engines that include Google (Google UK accounting for as much as 78% of search in the UK).

I am using this blog post as a test to see how effective blogging is. I don't currently appear on the first page of Google UK for the search term 'Adam Stafford'. I want to see how long it will take by using this blog post and the strength of the Fresh Egg website to obtain a first page listing for Adam Stafford...

If anyone should come across this blog looking for Adam Stafford of Worthing, West Sussex, UK you can contact me through contacting Fresh Egg or emailing me at adam 'at'

I am estimating that i will be on page one within 1 week.

I would also be interested in contacting any other Adam Stafford's out there, if you have come across this blog because your name is Adam Stafford please leave a comment. Let's see how many Adam Stafford's we can meet :)

Adam Stafford at work

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