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Aidan & Abetting SEO Copywriting


After a brief internship with us via Wired Sussex,  we're pleased to report that Aidan Donovan has joined the Copy Team on a full time basis.  Alas, he can now no longer laze around in his Y-fronts watching rubbish daytime TV all day.   He initially dreamed of being a journalist. After studying for a BA Hons in History he went on to an NCTJ Certificate in Journalism and Sub-Editing. But with the lingering demise of print journalism and all that  he began to cast his eyes towards the world of web design and SEO.









Journalism is in your blood though, so when the internship opportunity at Fresh Egg as an SEO Copywriter arose, Aidan admits that he initially struggled with his editorial conscience. Like many journos, he thought that there was something wrong with slotting in seemingly random words in order to ‘trick’ people into reading content.

We’ve managed to persuade him otherwise!  We’re living in the 21st Century where absolutely everything is vying of our attention. The media is fighting for every bit of minute space available.  The use of attention grabbing keywords has now become standard practice and besides, even writers on The Telegraph are being encouraged to include oft-searched-for phrases in their online copy, so there!

Aidan is now proud to be an SEO Copywriter and "gets” the point of using the correct keyphrase density while maintaining quality:

It feels great to finally have a purpose and a dawning understanding of what SEO is all about.   The days of frantically scouring the job market and doing tons of unpaid work experience are finally over.  Best of all, my Matalan nightmare is at an end. No one can make me say the dreaded words, ‘Do you have a Matalan Card?’ ever again! "

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