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An Organic Google Listing in 36 Hours

For any new site owners who are worried about gaining a listing in Google, let me put your mind at rest.

I recently took on a new client where a new site was about to be launched. The client was looking for a natural listing in Google in as quick a timeline as possible.

By performing the initial work on Wednesday 23rd August, I was pleased to see Google had already the site listed by the time I returned to my desk on Friday morning (25th August).

For those of you who still think submitting the site is the way forward, carry on doing it your way. Spiders are adventurous creatures, they like to follow new exciting paths to content, they like to discover content naturally.

If this is coming across as the first time I have achieved a quick listing in Google, then that would be wrong. I thought I would share this as now we have the blog on the Fresh Egg site to share information like this.

For us and the client this is not the end of it; moving forward we have to create a long-term strategy involving delivering multiple search phrases throughout the natural listings.

However, the first part of the project was a success.

The undertone is this:

Being listed in Google is not difficult

Getting good rankings in Google is not impossible

Getting the right person to carry out the work - well that's down to a Fresh Egg!

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