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DiMAS Awards Congratulations

Allan Bisset

Although we didn’t win the Digital Marketing Category in the inaugural DiMAS Awards -  congratulations to Worth who did win and our fellow runner up Kerb -  we’re pleased to have been shortlisted and we think rightly so.

Fresh Egg's Tropical Sky Work
Fresh Egg's Tropical Sky Work

Proud to be Tropical

Our work for Tropical Sky has been consistently excellent. They first came to Fresh Egg with the idea of focussing all their marketing efforts and budgets online almost two years ago with just two staff.    Tropical Sky wanted to generate quality traffic to boost both telephone and email enquiries.  That required the creation of multiple websites and implementing an aggressive SEO campaign to ensure presence in the highly competitive holiday and travel sector.

We designed the sites:,, to be informative and easy to navigate, focusing on keywords (luxury holidays, honeymoons etc) to inform both content and overall site design from the outset.  All four sites share a similar look and feel while focussing on specific Caribbean, African or North American destinations. Search Engine Optimisation strategies were devised to maximise the impact of all four websites and to generate a significantly higher number of quality enquiries and bookings. Fresh Egg also provided consultancy and feedback throughout the online marketing campaign including continual adjustment of the websites and ongoing development of SEO friendly features such as blogs, microsite development and link strategy.

Outstanding Results

The SEO strategy (2007-2008) has delivered an impressive 2,512% ROI for Tropical Sky - equating to a gross profit of £994,765 – for just £39,600.00 and has decreased expenditure on PPC.  All four websites now enjoy favourable search engine rankings that pull in excess of 100,000 unique visits per month.  Staff level have increased to 45 in that period.

The Best Award

According to Mike Collins, Tropical Sky’s MD:  “Fresh egg’s SEO strategy was the main focus of our marketing effort and has delivered substantial growth for our company.  They not only designed very effective websites, they have also directly helped to increase our Gross Profit – underlining the value of SEO. I am delighted with Fresh Egg's work.”   And that’s probably the accolade that really matters.

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