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We Don’t Need Turtle Power… We’ve Got Kat Pouwer!

David Showell

Intrepid Director of Search Strategy Kat Pouwer joined Fresh Egg in 2011, and has quickly become a key figure in the company’s search engine optimisation team. Kat is Australian, although she has lived in the UK for six years. Whether Worthing is exotic enough to remind her of her beloved Sunshine Coast home remains to be seen, but if we have a warm summer in 2012 you never know.

Kat loves to travel, and has enjoyed some truly memorable experiences along the way. They include diving with manta rays in Indonesia and cycling the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia. A keen music fan, she enjoys festivals and gigs whenever she can, and she even claims to be a superstar of karaoke – however, Fresh Egg’s panel of Simon Cowell-esque judges have yet to hear her efforts. But if she can belt out ‘Delilah’ without peeling the paint from the office mural she will have passed the test.

To the delight of almost everyone at Fresh Egg Towers, Kat has shown herself to be a master at baking. On the minus side, she points out that collective workforce weight gain became an issue at every office she has worked in, mainly because of her penchant for producing tray after tray of tempting treats for her colleagues.

Despite her six years in Blighty, she still has trouble understanding northern accents, and often has to rely on her fiancé/translator for clarity. Luckily, she has no trouble with comprehending the Worthing dialect – whether we can understand her could be another matter, though, although we’re all practising our Australian accents… by turning every sentence into a question?

Kat brings to the role an excellent spectrum of experience, having worked in SEO for various companies, including She also helped to build an impressive team for, so we all know who to turn to when we get the travel bug. Kat was impressed by the enthusiasm of the Fresh Egg staff when she first came to the office, and when she saw the dogs she knew this was the place to be. Well done, Jake and Dodge.

Welcome aboard, Kat!


Kat’s Desert Island Survival Pack:

Film:    Zoolander or Anchorman

Song:   Almost anything by Lionel Ritchie

Book:   The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Mark Haddon)

Although no luxury items are generally included in the Fresh Egg Survival Pack, Kat has also requested a plentiful supply of baked goods.

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