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Fresh Egg designers turn a project around so quickly it makes your head spin


managing director

When National Guarantee approached Fresh Egg about creating a new skin for their website, the designers knew they needed to provide the best possible design. It was in this spirit that Fresh Egg teamed up with Phoenix Plc to create the stellar design that is being put into place now.

When designing a skin for a company as fast paced and innovative as National Guarantee, the design has to be constructed to display that innovation to the utmost. An additional factor is the design had to be produced in as short a time as possible to fit in with the fast paced nature of the business. When you are dealing with your clients as quickly as possible, you expect your service providers to do no less. On both counts the Fresh Egg designers and Phoenix did not disappoint.

The new design is clean and functional, without losing any of the ease of use that is so important to both National Guarantee and Fresh Egg. The information that is provided for the benefit of the clients is, if anything, even more extensive now than it was before. The layout of the mortgage advisors journal now allows visitors to find their way to the information they need even more quickly than before.

For more information about Remortgages, Homeowner Loans and other similar financial services visit: . National Guarantee is reputable financial institution that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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