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Alice Springs Into Account Strategy Role


Alice Coleman joins us in the role of Account Strategist and will have responsibility for further developing our project management practice and ensuring the continuing improvement and growth of client relationships during ongoing SEO and web design projects.  If you read her CV,  you might assume that Alice would be on board with the copy team as she has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and worked as a copywriter at University.  She says that it gradually began to dawn on her that journalism wasn’t her thing, so she went straight back to university to study for a Masters in Business Management.

That course set her on her current career path and she gained extensive project management experience working for an electricity transmission company in South Australia.  She also spent some time setting up a project management system for a small IT company.  Observant readers may have noted from the "clue"  in the headline and certain other references that Alice is Australian, like our other recent account manager appointment Ben Duncan. We haven’t indulged in a focused recruitment drive down under.  We were just lucky to get these two excellent people at the right time!

Alice has been in the UK for about five months and has already managed to pack in travel throughout Britain and several European countries - her favourite places so far are Scotland (excellent choice!)  and Austria.  What she loves about Blighty is the fact that everything is so close to Europe!  She remains impressed by the fact that when you get off a plane after a relatively short flight, you find yourself in a completely different culture and surroundings.  Getting that scenic and cultural homogeneity after travelling for sometimes less than an hour just doesn't exist in OZ!  It's far too big!

When she’s not globe, or at least Europe-trotting or working, Alice loves playing sport, enjoying food and wine, reading or planning her next holiday.  And for anyone who hasn’t already guessed, she does most of these things with Ben!


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