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Has Adam seen the light?

For all of the years that I have known Adam, I have always known him to not be the biggest fan of Mac's.

I don't know if it was a fear factor of quality technology or whether he was force fed fruit as a child, but his disdain was evident for anyone daring to use such a machine.

Did anyone else see the Blue Moon this week? Or pigs fly? Well, both events must of occurred, because I saw something that I thought would never happen in a million years.

Adam's got himself a Mac!

Hang on, I'll say that again, Adam's got himself a Mac!

No that can't be right?

Adam's got himself a Mac!

Let me put this into context, Adam getting a Mac is like Liverpool & Man United fans swapping Christmas cards rather than punches or Microsoft saying to Google, here you go, here is the details of all of our source code. Basically, 'it isn't going to happen'.

Well, I can tell you exactly why he had to change faith. The supposed cream of windows based laptops was no more effective than a box of sawdust.

No that would be a lie; boxes of sawdust can be quite useful. (For what I am not sure, but there must be something.)

In fairness, the Mac is a cracking looking machine which works how it is meant to unlike windows based laptops. Honestly, they just don't last.

And that is why Adam has been converted to the world of Mac!

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